No game development on the horizon – what do do :/

Honestly I’m quite sad at the moment.
I was hoping to use the newfound knowledge with my most recent game release and get straight back into developing a next title, afterwards.
Sad reality is. Things don’t work out like that. Reasons for that are complex and simple at the same time:

1) After a game’s release the quality of work for support, tweaks and ports doesn’t die down immediately – the bulk of this work is loaded onto the programmer and apart from some new store graphics the artist can’t do much.
2) I just don’t know many people.
3) I’m still not good enough skill-wise to be considered for an honest collaboration on a commercial mobile game.

Trying to get going

I tried to blatantly ask on twitter and the Unity forums but nothing groundbreaking came out of it so far. I know I’ve not been the most active on the unity forums in the last months anyway, but still *sigh* I feel like an outsider again.

I can understand that nobody wants to work with a complete stranger. But not even for free (upfront) ?

At the moment I go back and forth on why nobody wants to do the same things as me. They don’t seem like too demanding or out of this world.

2 way ticket

So I see two possible options for me.
Either I wait until the next project magically falls down on my head or I just pretend to work on games by doing some strange mockups that could possibly look like a game that might be in the works. That way I might not lose my momentum.
Probably it will be a mixture of both. Tricking myself into thinking that I’m actually working on stuff while in reality not even a single new and fresh jpeg is getting saved to my “blub” folder.

Problems, huh ?