Boohooo, nobody plays our game, yet

Welp, we wanted to learn the hard way, so we went for it.
A totally cold release.
No emails sent to any game review sites.
No trailer or gameplay video produced.
No nothing.
It was just some button to be pushed and there we have it. I kindly (almost) asked some twitter friends to share our game’s release with us and that was it.
As of now, 4 p.m. May 25, we have ~400 game installs, which is pretty much nothing and beyond ridiculous.
Interesting enough we can now find out how much of a push we are able to give the game with doing the missed points above in the next days 😉

Today I took some time to digg deep into my fabulous video editing software and learned quite some neat things, e.g. object keyframe animation and exporting and importing rendered image sequences with an alpha channel included.

That was quite a worthy investment of my time since that gives me all the required knowledge to set up a rather basic “marketing” video for Murtaugh Origins.

Stay tuned, I’m gonna try to keep this thing alive.

There. I just said it again.
Expect this blog to selfdestruct in 4-5 days maximum.