What happened this week #2

Second week. Still going strong on that idea 😀

#1 Stackout ingame video

Daniele and I actually managed to get the latest ingame build to look pretty much like one of the mockups I did throughout the last weeks. I can’t stress enough, what an amazing feeling it is. It’s so fascinating to see that when you keep on it long enough, stuff turns out as it was imagined and/or even better !
Daniele created another italian blogpost about it right here.


Greg Quinn, better known as Meltdown on the Unity3d forums got in touch with me to redo some of the shop icons for his game, which I finished TODAY. As he was quite happy with the work I submitted I got to work on the logo for his game as well, which is a great sign of trust for me 🙂
Can’t wait to see updated screenshots of the stuff I did in action. I was actually hoping to be involved in whatever way with that game, since he’s a wonderful person and knows what he’s doing. And we share a similar mindset on the topic of gamedev and publishing to the world, so it was a win-win-win-win situation for both of us !

#3 Bingo Ingo

That’s right, I got asked to give a helping hand on a bingo game. After studying some of he topsters out there, I came to the conclusion that unfortunately the “ubercolorful” style is already there and therefore we have to take a different route. I collected and gathered some nice reference library the past days and am getting in the mood of getting started on it pretty soon, yay !

#4 Cute animals game

I received the latest build of the cute animals game and I have to admit it’s soo much better to actually see the developers visions instead of believing what it’s all about. Even if things seem to be crystal clear, my assumptions always wrong 😀
So, now that holidays are getting nearer, I’m going to be able to contribute to that nice game idea much more than atm, which made me a tiny sad panda – still a cute one, though !