What happened this week #1

Yus, I think a weekly blogpost is a good challenge I can impose on myself.

#1 Evolution of Stackout

Last time I mentioned a collaboration between Daniele Giardini, Luigi di Guida and myself and since we’ve been going back and forth quite often, I thought, why not share a little timeline of our journey so far. There were plenty of discussions and decisions being made, maybe that can be discussed later 🙂

#2 Oh, you’re so cute ^-^

Yus, the cute game project with the plush animals is finally greenlit. We started to work on the first draft, being the teddy bear. Turned out alright for a start. Next up will be the bedroom to see where all the cuties will be sorted in 🙂

cute teddy

#3 Oh, I think I forgot to send you some money

Hussa, what a pleasant surprise. I was checking up on an oooooold collaboration and now I shall send some main menu files and be rewarded in the form of money. That’s a nice change for once 🙂

“Being patient is awesome”

#4 Bonkadonk looks awesome

YES ! Finally we managed to achieve the same overbloomed lighting that we all grew fond of so quickly within Unity3d itself. Can’t describe how wonderful it feels to have that sorted out, after a lot of back and forth. Turns out all we had to do was to remove a light !