Wanna quisle ?

Hey you, can you imagine…. ?

Woot, I couldn’t believe my ears when I felt that Mr. Giardini was actually asking whether I’d be interested in collaborating with him on an italian unity3d related gamecontest.
It has an awesome theme that lately has been growing on me a loooooot: “Retro-inspired” of whatever kind.
While I tend to stay away from true pixelart as much as possible – (read: I never tried and if I would I’d fail horribly). So while I was truly honored that he actually considered to work with me – knowing my trackrecord of driving people crazy to the amount that they just leave me alone – was such a wonderful moment.
Afterall he’s been living the dream that I always was afraid to pursue, and he’s old, crazy and cool in any possible way, on top of it 😀

Sure I can !

We rapidly asked ourselves which games we truly enjoyed in our early years (having grown up in different centuries doesn’t help there) and we’d like to put a spin on, pay hommage to or de-/re-/premake.
Welp, that was a tough nut to crack. In the end we settled on a breakout game with a twist….

Déjà vu ! – Wanna throw it all away ?

Oh boy, then out of a sudden, Daniele expressed his doubts in this ever becoming a fun experience due to the rather bland and boring nature of breakout and therefore he suggested to make a spyhunter inspired game. I can tell, my heart stopped beating. Was I cursed ? Indie.cursed ? Is this what gamedevs do naturally ? Throw ideas away when it’s no fun (I bet they DO and it’s natural, healthy and reasonable !)
At first, I agreed, since whatever we would be working on, I could learn a ton of things from a highprofile gamedev, so who am I to complain, but then we discussed the premise, the potential and we agreed to not only pursue the stackout game, but also the spyhunter one, after the contest is over – since we both loved the quick mockup I created to set an initial style idea for the spyhunter cutified-remake.

Talk is cheap – I want candy !

Our latest mockup shows a refined style setting that Daniele shamelessly named “retro circus” – I enjoy that term – and it even results in new and more interesting ideas that we could ever imagined. We now have a theme:

Stackout mockup